Additional Spaces

Please visit our meeting rooms and event spaces page if you are interested in reserving a space not listed above. All other spaces in Swem are booked by library staff only.

Equipment Booking - Reeder Media Center

Use our online tool to reserve equipment from the following locations:


Please contact us at with any questions

Looking for some inspiration? Visit Canon's Online Learning | Education & Inspiration

Room Booking Guidelines

Room Booking Guidelines

Rooms are available to faculty, staff and students for university activities. If you don't see the room you're looking for, email us - some rooms like classrooms must be booked by library staff.

To make a reservation:

  1. Click a link on the left to visit the Room Booking page
  2. Enter the date and time you need the room
  3. Confirm your selection - you will be asked to login with your W&M user ID and password to complete your reservation
  4. Fill out the reservation form
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to your W&M email address.  If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so by clicking a link in that email.

Workshops & Training

Reeder Media Center Workshops & Training

No events are scheduled.

Makerspace Workshops & Training

Training for the Makerspace is by individual request only. Visit the Makerspaces at W&M and fill out the form to request an appointment, or stop by the new service desk in front of the Makerspace in Swem to schedule an appointment.