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Swem Library Change Location

Study carrels set up in the new open Read & Relax area for students to reserve for Zoom meetings and classes.

Need a place to sign in to your virtual class or meeting? Eleven Zoom Cubes are now available to book online. We provide the space, you bring your laptop and earbuds/mic. The cubes are located on the first floor in Read and Relax. Please keep in mind that this is not a designated quiet study space.


There are two ways to reserve a room:

  1. By time: Use the "Search by Time" tab and enter a time and date to see what rooms are available at your selected time.
  2. By room name or availability: Use the "Search by Space" tab and click the "Search" button to show all rooms (you don't need to enter a room name or number). Click the "Show Availability" button to see when each room is reservable.

Having difficulties? You can switch back to the previous interface this semester, or email us.